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Solar Panels / Inverters / Solar batteries & All that’s about solar , We will help you understand the basics and more…

The Solar System Works with 4 key Components

1. Solar Panels

Solar panels convert Sun's energy to electricity. It generates Direct Current (DC) is in turn converted to Alternating Current (AC) through an Invertor.

2. Inverter

An Inverter converts DC (Direct Current) Electricity to AC ( Alternating Current). This power can then be used from the grid.

3. Switchboard

The DC Power generated from the Solar Panels is transformed into alternating current AC by inverters and reaches the Switchboard. The Power is distributed to the load from the Switchboard.

4. Grid / Meter

If you’re not using all the power being produced, the surplus power will be transferred back into the grid. Likewise, when you need more power than produced (night hours) electricity will be drawn from the grid.

Why Go Solar ?

Going solar drastically reduces your electricity bill to begin with. Within a short time, your bills could drop down to almost zero. Solar is a one-time investment with a guaranteed life of 25+ years.

The Solar System works with 5 Stages

Why do Some Systems have a battery ?

Batteries let you store energy, so you can continue using solar power at night, instead of paying for it. They can also keep your lights on during a blackout and let you buy grid power at off-peak times and sell stored power back to the grid in return for a credit on your electricity bill.

Capacity: Capacity is the amount of electricity your solar battery can store in kilowatt-hours (kWh). 

Depth of discharge (DoD): This is the amount of battery capacity that is used. A higher DoD rating means a higher usage can be expected from the battery’s capacity. Generally, a DoD should be at least 40% or higher. 

Round trip efficiency: Measures the difference between energy used to charge and the available amount of energy. An efficiency rating of around 80% means the battery is more economical.

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