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Types of Solar Systems

Hybrid Solar System

  • Hybrid systems are basically grid inverters with storage and are now available in a variety of shapes and configurations.

  • Our hybrid series inverters range from 1 to 10 kVA power ratings for single-phase systems and 10 to 250 kVA power ratings for 3-phase systems.

  • This series of hybrid inverters is designed to solve the two problems of unreliable grid and power outages. It also works as a standalone system, generating solar energy in the event of a power outage.

  • Our hybrid inverters not only store electricity in a connected battery, but also export unused solar energy to the grid or store and mix it with the grid according to a programmed program

Off Grid Solar System

  • Off-grid systems allow us to store the solar energy in batteries which are to be used when there is a grid power failure. It is meant to be entirely self-sustaining.

  • Our Off-grid inverters reduce the grid’s power consumption by automatically drawing the necessary balanced power from the grid when the solar generation is poor on cloudy days. Our Off-Grid series inverters range from 1 to 10kVA power ratings.

  • The simplest thing about off-grid solar plants is that they supply power for critical loads when the facility grid is down.

On Grid Solar System

  •  On Grid Systems are the Most commonly used Solar systems across homes & Businesses. These systems provide electricity directly to the meter thereby reducing the usage of electricity from the grid during solar hours.

  • In the case of an on-grid system with net metering, while calculating the monthly bill, the solar energy fed to the grid is netted at an equivalent tariff at which the grid power is sold to the buyer.

  • The most important downfall of an on-grid system is that it doesn’t provide power during a grid outage.

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