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Solar For Home

Why Go Solar ?

Going solar drastically reduces your electricity bill to begin with. Within a short time, your bills could drop down to almost zero. Solar is a one-time investment with a guaranteed life of 25 years.

Advantages of going Solar for your Home

1. Reduce or Eliminate your Electricity Bill

If you wish to cut down your current electricity bill by around 75% per month, we highly suggest you think about going solar. With the rising costs of utilities, it only makes sense to invest and control your energy costs while the price of electricity continues to increase.

2. Goodbye Rising Costs

A one time investment in solar protects you from future rises in power costs. Solar power is reliable, dependable and most importantly, cost efficient. From low energy costs to almost no energy costs, you will be insulated against potentially huge power bills & increasing tariffs.

3.Solar Homes are high value homes

Research has shown that homeowners who have adopted solar, have increased the valuation of their home as compared to other homeowners. Any solar investment on your home will immediately increase the valuation of your property.

4. Power cuts are history

With Solar, it’s always lights on. Power cuts will now become a thing of the past. Solar is dependable, and always available when you need.

5. By Going Solar, you help save the Planet

A huge positive impact of going solar is the massive reduction in CO2 emissions, the leading cause of climate change. Not only are you generating dependable power for yourself that saves you money, you are creating cleaner and greener energy that’s saving the earth.

Own your Electricity…

Creating Energy Independence

Having solar panels not only reduces your carbon footprint, it helps you save money by reducing your need to buy energy from the grid.

Types of Solar Systems for your Home

Hybrid Solar System

Solar plus battery storage with grid-connection

Off-Grid Solar System

Also known as a stand-alone power system (SAPS)

On-Grid Solar System

Also known as a grid-tie or grid-feed solar system

Post Installation

After Care Services

Renomax Provides comprehensive aftercare service. If you have questions regarding your system you can call and speak to one of our Renomax team members that same day or we’ll schedule a call back within 36 hours.

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Our solutions help the end-user to minimize the dependency on the grid, save money, reduce carbon-foot print, and make your property power failure proof

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